3 Tips For Taking Out A Loan When You’ve Just Gotten Married

27 August 2018
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Now that you've gotten married, you could be thinking about applying for a loan while you're settling into your new life. Even if you've applied for loans before without any problems, you'll want to know these things when applying for your first loan after tying the knot. 1. Make Sure You Discuss and Budget It With Your New Spouse You might be used to going out and applying for loans without having to ask or answer to anyone. Read More 

Money Handling 101 For Events

27 April 2018
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Whether you're hosting a fair, festival, game or concert, you want you make sure you make profit and reduce losses. You need to make plans on how you're going to handle money at the event. Failure to do so may result in chaos, theft and other problems. This article gives you advice on how to handle money at an event. Keep Some Float This makes it easy to give change. As a rule of thumb, the float should be about 10% of what you expect to get at the event. Read More 

How To Safely Use An ATM In A Foreign Country

29 September 2016
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When traveling in a foreign country -- especially one where you don't know the language -- it's not unusual to feel a little nervous and out of your element. This may be especially true when it comes time to withdraw money from an ATM. You may have heard stories of travelers being robbed or having their information stolen while withdrawing cash. However, you need cash to get by in most countries, so using that ATM is a necessity. Read More 

Finding The Right Time To Buy Silver

7 December 2015
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As a means of investing money long term, few commodities are as accessible or as reliable as silver in all its forms. Choosing to buy one-ounce rounds can be a great way to start small, allowing you to gather a considerable volume over time without committing to a large transaction all at once. Understanding how and when to time your purchases can take some effort though, and a solid understanding of the market you're dealing with. Read More 

Why An Installment Loan Is Better Than A Payday Loan

24 November 2015
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If you are in a tight spot and are in need of cash, you might be thinking about taking out a payday loan. Although a payday loan can be a good option when you need money right now, there is another option that you can consider: an installment loan. There are easy-approval lenders out there that offer installment loans, which are loans that allow you to make multiple payments over the course of a few months to a few years, as an alternative to payday loans. Read More